5. 7. 2022

Preparation of the foundations for the modular school in Kruje, Albania

At the location of the modular school in the municipality of Kruje, construction work is being carried out to prepare the foundations.

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22. 6. 2022

Visit of representatives of the Municipality of Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the Municipality of Čapljina from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited CMSR.

They presented several development projects in the field of environmental protection, for which the Municipality of Čapljina plans to request co-financing from the Republic of Slovenia.


16. 6. 2022

Visit of representatives of Vodovod in kanalizacija d.o.o. Podgorica, Montenegro

Representatives of the company, Filip Makrid, CEO and Nikola Lazarević, assistant CEO  visited CMSR.

The possibilities of obtaining a grant from the Republic of Slovenia for the co-financing of the project Establishing a system of economic planning and management of the water supply system was discussed.

9. 6. 2022

Participation in the ECF Phase II – Kick-off Meeting of the Regional Consultative Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia

Acting Director Mojca Kopše, in her welcoming address at the kick-off meeting of the Eco-Corridor Fund (ECF) for the Caucasus regional consultative forum, which took place on June 9, 2022 in Tbilisi, briefly presented the participation of the Republic of Slovenia in the ECF conservation project and sustainable use of ecosystems or natural resources in the ecological corridor of the Western Lesser Caucasus in SW Georgia. In talks with the German KfW, the WWF-Caucasus Program Office and the Georgian National Forest Agency, on the sidelines of the meeting, the great importance of the transfer of Slovenian knowledge and experience as well as the supply of equipment for the further management of forests in the area of ​​the Adigeni municipality was highlighted. All parties expressed their wish to continue or upgrade cooperation.

Mojca Kopše, the Director of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development implementing Slovenia’s Development Cooperation was representing the other new donor and project partnership with the Slovenian Government. She stated the high importance of working together, outlining Slovenia’s existing partnerships within the forestry industry and how she is looking forward to these continued partnerships.
“I was very happy to see the results of the first phase of the project, especially the commitment of the local population as well as the commitments made by the state authorities. We strive to use our funds on projects that can make a difference which is why we are involved in the ECF.”

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7. 6. 2022–8. 6. 2022

Visit to the Municipality of Adigeni and overview of the progress of the project Sustainable Forest Managment in Adigeni Municipality, Georgia

During her visit to Georgia, Acting Director Mojca Kopše together with representatives of the Georgian National Forestry Agency and Project Operators, Zavita d.o.o. Ljubljan and Stritih svetovanje za trajnostni razvoj, d.o.o. Bovec, first met with the governor of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Besik Amiranashvili. At the meeting, cooperation on the project Sustainable Forest Managment in Adigeni Municipality, which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Germany, was presented. The governor and the director of the Georgian National Agency for Forests, Archil Nikoleishvili, expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project, which will contribute to the better use of forests in the municipality of Adigeni and the preservation of nature, and stated the wish to continue cooperation with Slovenian forestry experts.

This was followed by a tour of the purchased forestry equipment in the wood warehouse in the municipality of Adigeni and a demonstration of the operation of the equipment.

The next day, in the village of Tsikhisubani, she met with locals who are involved in the 10-year landscape management agreements and learned about the activities they carry out as part of the project.

The main economic activities in the municipality of Adigeni are animal husbandry and forestry. Pastures are in uncontrolled common use, which leads to surface degradation. Due to poorly planned and illegal logging and the resulting soil erosion in forest areas, environmental and economic damage is caused. The lack of employment opportunities and the poor productivity of agriculture are causing the emigration of young generations. The implementation of the project will ensure the preservation of biodiversity, adaptation of forests to climate change and more efficient use of forests for the needs of the population and food production.

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3. 6. 2022

Meeting at the Municipality of Trnovo and visit of the construction site of the waste water treatment plant in Bjelašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Acting Director Mojca Kopše visited the Municipality of Trnovo and met with the mayor Ibro Berila and his colleagues.

She also visited the construction site of the water treatment plant in Bjelašnica. The purpose of the project is to protect water sources and other waterways in the area of ​​Bjelašnica and Igman. The construction of the waste water treatment plant will affect the long-term and sustainable development of tourism and enable the protection of the largest source of drinking water, “Vrela Bosne”.


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2. 6. 2022

Ceremonial opening of the project Reconstruction and upgrade of the Alagovac drinking water treatment plant in the Municipality of Nevesinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The opening ceremony of the renovated plant took place as part of the celebration of the baptismal glory of Nevesinje. The event was attended by the Mayor of Nevesinje Milenko Avdalović, Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Damijan Sedar, Advisor to the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić Milorad Veljović and Chairman of the Board of Esotech Marko Škoberne.

The Republic of Slovenia co-financed the project, which ensured a sufficient amount of drinking water of adequate quality. The project will have a positive impact on the health of the residents and increase the development possibilities of the municipality.


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