International Development Cooperation

Tehnična pomoč / technical assistance

Infrastrukturna pomoč / infrastructural projects

Okoljsko prilagajanje / environmental adaptation

International Development Cooperation

Bilateral International Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia, Implemented by the CMSR

The Centre for International Cooperation and Development (CMSR) implements a part of the Slovenian bilateral international development cooperation.

The CMSR’s implementation of international development cooperation is based on the International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the Republic of Slovenia Act, adopted in 2018. The Act defines the objectives and methods of long-term planning, financing and implementation of international development cooperation of Slovenia, according to internationally aligned standards and the OECD rules.  Other legal basis for the implementation of the international development cooperation represents the Resolution on International Developmental Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the Republic of Slovenia, which defines the geographical and sector-specific priorities for Slovenia's international development cooperation. To formalise the ODA procedures, the CMSR adopted the Centre for International Cooperation and Development Manual for Conducting Official Development Assistance.

The CMSR has 50 years of experience implementing international development cooperation and a well-established brand in the partner developing countries and has skills to perform the technical/operational part of international development cooperation. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the SID Banka (Slovenian Promotional Development and Export Bank) each hold one-half of the controlling stakes of the CMSR. After linking the CMSR and the SID Banka Group, the CMSR remained under appropriate supervision of the Government in terms of the founding structure. Synergy effects were thereby created, enabling the SID Banka with its financial instruments to support the Republic of Slovenia’s bilateral development cooperation, as technically and operationally provided by the CMSR. Indirectly, this increases the competitive power of Slovenian companies conducting projects in partner countries, thus putting them on an equal footing with their competitors that also receive such support from their home countries.

The CMSR is qualified to provide all types of international development cooperation. Based on the International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the Republic of Slovenia Act and financial agreements between the CMSR and line ministries (responsible for finance, foreign affairs, environment and economy) Republic of Slovenia subsidises infrastructural projects in the partner countries. The CMSR facilitates the Slovenian business sector’s participation in the development cooperation as an important element of bilateral development cooperation. The operations of both, the CMSR and the SID Banka, thereby constitute an indispensable system of services that enables Slovenia, within the development cooperation framework, to cooperate with partner countries in the implementation of development projects and directly contribute to the progress of the partner countries, while also facilitating Slovenian companies’ entry into these markets. Through the CMSR, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia co-finances development projects in the form of donation or interest rate subsidy.

The CMSR includes development projects in its annual CMSR International Development Cooperation Programme based on proposals for donation of the Republic of Slovenia submitted by potential recipients of donation (public entities in the partner countries) to the CMSR. The proposals for donation must be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for drawing up a proposal for a donation of the Republic of Slovenia for Official Development Assistance investment projects (new instructions are in preparations).

Based on its vast experience with international development cooperation operations, the CMSR prepares expert and professional reports on projects, annual reports and project monitoring. The CMSR requests the information required for the feasibility study already in the project proposal.

Through a donation agreement, the CMSR obliges the recipient/investor to prepare and submit semi-annual project progress reports and the final report and to allow an insight into the entire documentation. The donation agreement enables the CMSR to send its experts to the field monitoring. The implementation of every project is examined by a CMSR representative on site. Based on information gathered, the CMSR’s experts prepare reports on project implementation and final reports after its completion. The reporting methodology is based on the aligned OECD standards and is adjusted to the specific Slovenian situation.

The CMSR is an institution that offers the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and all line ministries a solution to international development cooperation planning and implementation. The CMSR is able to process and successfully allocate more funds than the Republic of Slovenia is capable of providing, given its restrictive budgetary policy, and at least as much as should be provided under international commitments. This means the CMSR acts as a partner to all governmental structures interested to take part in international development cooperation and is thus the connecting factor in Slovenian development cooperation.