Economic Analysis and Research

Country risk

Our purpose

To promote the international trade and internationalisation of Slovenian companies with more than 50 years of experience preparing different types of economic analyses and research.

Our approach

We have the longest tradition in assessing country risk in Slovenia and the broader region by using our own methodology.

Examples of the CMSR's analyses

Country risk assessment

The most important activity of the Economic Studies Department is forecasting political and macroeconomic developments and preparing country risk assessments. The CMSR has the longest tradition of country risk assessment in Slovenia and the broader region, moreover, we are the only one in the region to have our own methodology, comparable to those of international rating agencies.

Good knowledge of the risks involved in international trade is a precondition for companies entering and operating in foreign markets, whereby a country risk assessment represents the key analysis combining all the information needed. Country risk assessment is an important phase of the evaluation and selection of export and/or investment destinations. The CMSR’s country risk assessment methodology was created in 1986 and has been reviewed, updated and supplemented several times since then to reflect the changes in international financial markets. The CMSR assesses country risk from the political, economic and financial perspectives. The weight of each perspective depends on whether the country risk assessment is short or medium term. The SID Bank applies the CMSR’s assessments of country risk when formulating the policy for export credit insurance and for financing international business cooperation.

Other types of analysis

Beside country risk assessments, the CMSR prepares other types of analyses that promote Slovenian companies’ internationalisation and are tailored to clients’ needs. These include sector analyses, strategies for strengthening economic cooperation with a selected country or group of countries, strategies for entering a new market, identification of potential new markets, market research, export plans, feasibility studies, economic analyses and selection of locations for new embassies of the Republic of Slovenia or business representative offices abroad, and other. The CMSR has its own methodologies for these type of analysis as well, in addition, we have a pool of external experts who are occasionally involved in carrying out certain types of analysis.